La Pocatière (Québec), 1955

Born in 1955, André Hamel has been active as a composer since the mid-80’s. His music has been played in concerts in Montréal, Brussels, Toronto, Sofia, Bologna, Vienna, Miami and Lyon. André Hamel received a special mention from the International Composition Contest Goffredo Petrassi (Parma, Italy, 1997), the Opus prize for Creation of the year (CQM, 1998), the Joseph-S Stauffer Prize (CAC, 2000), and the second prize of the Concours collégien de musique contemporaine (CEGEP of Sherbrooke, 2009). In June 2007, his saxophone octet, À huit, was chosen among the pieces recommended by the UNESCO Rostrum of Composers. His CD, La Trilogie du presto, was nominated for the Opus Prizes 2006-07. From his residence in the Studio du Québec à New York (2003), André Hamel took part in different important events such as Urnos (La Nef—2004), the Symphonie des éléments (MNM—2005), Fanfares (FIMAV—2005) and Spatio lumino (MNM —2007). He presently teaches Music Composition and Ear Training at CEGEP Marie-Victorin.