France, 1978

David Hudry is a French composer whose work is based on exploration of dramaturgy applied to musical characters or objects. As a developing composer, he aims to collaborate with different like-minded artists from the new contemporary scene. He studied Musicology at the University Paul Valery of Montpellier and concurrently pursued his studies in Composition and New Technologies. In 2002, he obtained his Master’s-level teaching certification: “Agrégation” in musicology and began working as a pedagogue, preparing gifted students for their tertiary education entrance exams into the “École Normale Supérieure”. In 2008, he completed his “Diplôme de Formation Supérieure” (DFS) in Composition and New Techno-logies, with honours, (Premiere Prize) at the “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris” under the guidance of Emmanuel Nunes, Stefano Gervasoni (composition) and Luis Naon (electro-acoustics). Upon being selected for the year-long Ircam program “Cursus de Composition et d’informatique Musicale” in 2006, he was also awarded the Meyer Foundation bursary.