Tokyo (Japan), 1947

Born in Tokyo in 1947, Jo Kondo studied composition at Tokyo University of Arts. In 1977-78 he spent a year in New York on a scholarship from the John D. Rockefeller III Fund. In 1979 he taught as guest lecturer at University of Victoria, British Columbia, invited by the Canada Council, and in 1986 resided in London as a British Council Senior Fellow. From 1983 Kondo taught in several universities in Japan, including Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Arts, and Elisabeth University of Music. Presently, Jo Kondo is Professor at Showa Music University and Professor Emeritus of Ochanomizu University. In 2012 he was made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

He has written more than 140 compositions, ranging from solo pieces, chamber works to opera and orchestral, as well as electronic works, which are published from UYMP, UK, and partly from C. F. Peters, New York. And, many of them are recorded. His music has been widely performed and featured at many international festivals worldwide.

Kondo has also written extensively on musical matters, and since 1979 he has published seven books spelling out in detail his own aesthetic and compositional ideas.

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