Québec, 1968
Composer • Performer (invented instruments) • Musical instrument inventor

Artist from Quebec who has been active on the contemporary art scene since the mid-90s, Jean-François Laporte pursues a hybrid approach integrating sound art, musical composition, performance, installation and digital art. A rather intuitive artist, Laporte learns art through concrete experimentation of the material. Trained first at the University of Montréal and then at IRCAM (2002-03), he builds his compositional approach on listening and on active observation of the reality of each phenomenon. His art is therefore the result of a complicity with the raw material, his creative gestures proposing constructions drawn from the very materials approached. These materials come from the everyday environment as well as from traditional or invented musical instruments, without any form of hierarchy. By the same token, a great diversity of sources and an undeniable singularity characterize his work. Jean-François Laporte is the founder, artistic director and general manager of Productions Totem Contemporain, an organization that develops and promotes his invented instruments as well as the visual and sound installations that feature them. Winner in the Music category of the 2006 Grand Prix of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.