Performer (percussion) • Improviser

Olivier Maranda earned Premiere Prix with great distinction and by unanimous decision of the jury in both percussion and chamber music at the Montréal Conservatory, and also received various scholarships for his work there. His artistic activities are divided into three main areas: the performance and study of classic twentieth-century repertoire, premiering new works, and improvisation and multidisciplinary art. Maranda is a founding member of the Chorum and Allogène ensembles, and also plays with ECM and Codes d’Accès. For the past year he has been working on a project called The Stick with choreographer Andrew Tay, who brings together improvisation with set structures. Critically acclaimed, Maranda has been called a, “courageous, high caliber percussionist” (Le Devoir) whose style has an expansive, “high-flying character.” (La Presse)