Montréal (Québec)
Performer (ensemble)

The McGill Symphony Orchestra’s renown has been consistently spreading since its remarkable debut appearance at New York’s Carnegie Hall in April of 1989. At the time it was the first Canadian student orchestra to perform in the historic hall. The most respected critics in journalism have confirmed the orchestra’s excellent reputation in reviews lauding its concerts at such prestigious venues as the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, the Grand Théâtre in Québec City, Place des Arts in Montréal, and the Lincoln Centre in New York. Recordings by the McGill Symphony Orchestra have garnered a number of prizes including one Juno, and two honourable mentions at the Grand Prix du Disque du Canada – awards earned in competition with a number of the country’s professional orchestras. Students of the McGill Symphony Orchestra have worked under the direction of such celebrated conductors as Charles Dutoit, Franz-Paul Decker, Paul Sacher, Georg Tintner, and Simon Streatfield.