Meb (AKA Marie-Ève Bouchard) wrote her first poem on the way home from primary school in Loretteville, Quebec. She promptly transcribed it into her unicorn-shaped notebook. She then turned to the violin, while drawing and writing extensively in notebook shaped like all sorts of things. Later, irresistibly attracted by the history of music, the silence and the odour of libraries, Meb continued her studies in musicology (Laval University), while taking a few delightful detours into creative writing (poetry, songwriting). She recorded three albums (Meb ep, Dehors and Spirits & Saints) and published a few zines, including Petit manuel d’activités saugrenues and the monthly Milieu, before finally publishing her first collection entitled Aria de Laine (Moult Éditions). Each day, she tries to create something that she shares at The rest of the time, Meb teaches music history and songwriting at Cégep de Saint-Laurent and writes lyrics for Under Electric Light.