Montréal (Québec), 1982
Composer • Performer (bassoon) • Improviser

Sonia Paço-Rocchia is an improviser, composer, sound artist, installation artist, maker, live coder, live electronics musician whose work has been presented across North America and Europe. Sonia’s research focuses on sounds, timbres, forms, and ways to communicate the abstract. As composer, Sonia aims to broaden sonic possibilities with new techniques, live electronics, invented/found/automated instruments. Her works include a series of pieces for solo instruments with live electronics, chamber music, and large ensembles (including a piece for 32 bassoons — Hommage), as well as for non-conventional instruments — bus-cards, slinky, bicycle, saws and her invented instruments Helixphone, Stemsaw, Metal Harp, Tube Long, Cube, and automated saws, tubes and helixphones. Sonia is a talented improviser, and uses a myriad of sound-makers, invented and automated instruments, voice and primarily bassoon, and live electronics. She plays solo and in various ensembles including, ZZCC, Bullshit Filter, VibraLib and the London Improvisers Orchestra. As a coder and maker, she incorporates new technologies into her work such as original real time processing, automatons, web art, interfaces, digital instruments. She writes generative music that she aimed to sound like her own improvised music, either for installations or on the web.