Haïfa (Israel), 1978
Composer • Performer (piano) • Improviser

Ofer Pelz Currently lives in Montréal and is working toward a Doctorate in music at the University of Montréal. He received a Masters with excellence in composition and music theory from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Subsequently, he moved to Paris for three years to participate in music technology and instrumental composition courses at the Conservatory of Blanc-Mesnil, the Paris Conservatory and in some workshops including the Acanthes at IRCAM summer course.

The music of Ofer Pelz has been performed in many important festivals around the world such as: Zeitkunst Festival — Radialsystem (Berlin) and Centre Pompidou (Paris), Israel Festival (Jerusalem), Nuova Consonanza (Rome), Heidelberger Biennale für Neue Musik (Heildelberg), ACMF Festival (Tongyoung, South Korea), and by major ensembles including Meitar Ensemble, Cairn Ensemble, The Israel Contemporary Players, Ardeo String Quartet, El Perro Andaluz, Nouvelle Ensemble Modern and more.

Ofer Pelz’s work Do Bats eat Cats? published on the recent CD of The Israel Contemporary Players conducted by Zsolt Nagy. His works have featured on several leading international radio broadcasters. Pelz has collaborated with the French choreographer Françcois Raffinot in his recent work LeçonsDeTenebre.

Pelz’s work Equilibrium was awarded the 2008 ACUM Prize for the Best Creation of the Year, and his music has won a number of other national and international prizes such as Chana Idor Avni first prize (Jerusalem, 2007), Kauffmann Award (Paris, 2008), Ernst Von Siemens Grant (Germany, 2010), and more.