Porto (Portugal), 1981
Composer • Conductor

Composer and performer of live electroacoustic music, Rui Penha was born in Porto, in 1981. He received his first musical education at an early age, graduated in 2006 and received his PhD in Music Composition in 2014, specialising in sound spatialisation in electroacoustic music. His music has been played around Europe by excellent musicians such as Nuno Aroso, Pedro Carneiro, Arditti Quartet, Remix Ensemble‘s soloists or Orquestra Gulbenkian.

Rui has a deep interest on music technology, both in software programming and the development of new interfaces for musical expression. He was a founder and curator of Digitópia, a cooperation between a collaboration between Casa da Música, INESC Porto, ESMAE and UCP. He teaches in several portuguese universities.