Verdun (Québec), 1937

Widely acknowledged as a pillar of the Canadian Music Industry, producer, musician, composer, recording engineer, André Perry is the creator and founder of the first sophisticated, world-class environmental recording facility; Le Studio (Morin Heights). Over 250 million copies of recordings made at Le Studio have been sold world-wide by artists such as The Police, Sting, Asia, Cat Stevens, Rush, the Bee Gees, David Bowie, Keith Richards and many more. This is the first studio that knew how to combine cutting-edge techniques with an environment far from urban centers where artists were taken care of. From the very first years, Perry’s passion for excellence attracted most Quebec artists to his studio. His important contribution to the early careers of some of those who would become the leaders of this emerging industry contributed to his reputation; the Jaune et Soleil signature discs that would confirm Jean-Pierre Ferland’s career are produced and recorded by Perry and are still considered important milestones in Quebec music.

[Source:; adapted by Tati Marazzo]