Montréal (Québec), 2007
Performer (ensemble)

Founded in 2007, Quartetski rethinks and reinterprets the works of great composers in an improvised setting. While staying true to the spirit of these composers, the ensemble uses the compositions as laboratories for sonic experimentation. The result is a new kind of chamber music, one that mixes various traditions, styles and approaches, in an effort to find untapped possibilities: secret passages leading out of the chamber and into strange rooms, echoing halls and forking corridors. Since its inception, Quartetski created an adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev’s Visions fugitives, which earned the group the Francois-Marcaurelle prize of L’OFF Festival de jazz de Montréal. The ensemble soon followed with projects dedicated to composers Duke Ellington, Erik Satie, Henry Purcell, Tobias Hume and John Cage. Today, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Quartetski offers a reinterpretation of this monumental work which scandalized Paris in 1913.

Isaiah Ceccarelli, drums; Philippe Lauzier, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone; Pierre-Yves Martel, viola da gamba, objects, director; Bernard Falaise, electric guitar; Josh Zubot, violin