Training in theatre, dance, and voice have made Sylvain Rivard an essential narrator for anyone who wants to understand the many aspects of First Nations’ culture better. His knowledge of languages allows him to perform traditional song respectfully and accurately—one might even say that with him, tonic accents are invariably in tune. He has used his voice for various museum, television, and film projects, as well as the youth publication Le Tour du Monde en Chansons (Fides, 2003). Rivard is also co-author of Archéologie Sonore, Chants Amérindiens with Cécile Tremblay-Matte. He consulted for the natural history museum in Lyon for its display of First Nations’ peoples artifacts. At the moment he is working on a book that will be published by Éditions Cornac this spring, about one of the first Francophone aboriginal writers.