Performer (violin)

Jérémie Siot studied in Bordeaux, Paris, and Lyon. His passion for experimenting has led him to investigations of sound in a variety of forms, and to developing original instruments that are sympathetic to “another perception” of instrumental gestures. In 2002 he founded the Ayin performance laboratory devoted to concert staging, musical performance, and mixed music. A regular guest of national music centres, Siot works closely with sound designers, composers, and audio engineers. This former principal violin for the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain (1995-2008) has performed with Grame in Lyon since 2004. His encounters with individuals such as Thierry De Mey, Pierre Jodlowski, Jesper Nordin have combined with a range of experiences, from image improvisation, to improvisation within installations, by way of new works for amplified or prepared violin, laboratory work, and instrument making research and development. His explorations have become increasingly sophisticated and fruitful. Siot is current working on a project involving an ensemble of amplified, prepared violins with real time processing. He takes great pleasure in venturing into sonic worlds positioned at the limits of improvised music, complex rock, and electroacoustic music.