Montréal (Québec), 1976
Composer • Performer (double bass) • Improviser

Alexandre St-Onge is an interdisciplinary artist and a sonic performer exploring the mutation of the performative body through its sonic, textual and visual mediations. Philosophiae doctor (PhD) in art (UQAM, 2015) and assistant professor at l’École d’art of Laval University, he is fascinated by creativity as a pragmatic approach to the ungraspable and he has published over twenty works and he presented his work nationally and internationally. He founded éditions|squint|press with Christof Migone and he worked with collectives and artists such as: Marie Brassard, Simon Brown, Karine Denault, K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O., Lynda Gaudreau, Klaxon Gueule, kondition pluriel, Suzanne Leblanc, mineminemine, Line Nault, Jocelyn Robert, Second Regard, Shalabi Effect, undo et Unzip Violence amongst others.