Toronto (Ontario, Canada), 1967
Composer • Visual artist

Chiyoko Szlavnics is a composer who uses a graphic approach to develop unusual compositions, using extended forms, glissandi, and a just intonation-based microtonality. Based in Berlin since 1998, she has worked extensively with European and Canadian ensembles, as well as individual musicians. Until 2006, Szlavnics was also a performing musician — but back trouble has reduced this activity. Her work has been featured at many festivals and concert series, but her favourite concert situations are intimate, personal, and off the beaten track, such as Haus 19 in Berlin; the Wandelweiser concerts; and Q-02 in Brussels. Szlavnics has been leading Ensemble Zwischentöne with Peter Ablinger in Berlin since 2005. Her music has been presented at festivals such as Maerzmusik, Ostrava New Music Days, New Music Concerts, and Darmstadt.