Performer (ensemble)
Paul Hillier, artistic direction

Theatre of Voices is one of world’s foremost vocal ensembles. Paul Hillier created the group to be flexible in size, focusing on medieval and renaissance polyphony and contemporary composers of the “new tonality” school, electronical and experimental work.

The idea for the group was conceived as early as 1989 while Hillier was still artistic director of the Hilliard Ensemble, but looking for ways to expand into different styles of singing while performing the early music of his choice. Under the name Theatre of Voices, he began creating new projects ranging from a recital of Troubadour songs to programs devoted to the music of John Cage and Arvo Pärt.

Theatre of Voices has appeared in Paris (Opéra Bastille), Frankfurt, Berlin, Utrecht, New York, and Washington, DC. Hillier directed the first performances of Reich’s The Cave and subsequently, Reich wrote Proverb for Theatre of Voices.

Paul Hillier and Theatre of Voices were the subject of numerous radio shows, including for the BBC. Theatre of Voices records extensively for Harmonia Mundi USA. Recordings devoted to repertoire of Josquin, Mouton and Lassus join the most recent contemporary music releases. Hillier’s book Arvo Pärt was published in 1997 by Oxford University Press.