Montréal (Québec), 2005
Performer (ensemble)

Theresa Transistor (Christian Calon, Christian Bouchard, Mario Gauthier and Monique Jean) is a quartet of electroacoustic composers who have exited their personal studios to develop a community of exchange, listening and “working, together.” The “we,” of Theresa Transistor is important as a political, social, and aesthetic position for the exploration of the within and beyond of values, or those things that lie beside the musical, in a framework of experimental acousmatic concerts.

Theresa Transistor came to life at Montréal’s Monument National on January 25th, 2005, as part of the Akousma festival organized by Réseaux. Launched specifically for this event, the process set in place for the show proved so inspiring and promising—it took home an Opus prize for concert of the year in new and electroacoustic music—that it seemed necessary and urgent to continue the venture.

Invented electronic instruments, microphones, radios, analogue and digital synthesizers are only some of the means that Theresa Transistor deploys for its listening to that which is alive and in which there is an unburdening of the immutable and the fixed, allowing for a greater appreciation of the immediate, the mobile, the anticipation of sound, the musical, and the sudden.

The style of Theresa Transistor is shaped by the aesthetic foundations attached to fixed sound works (restricted listening, spatialization, the tailoring of sound) and thus secures an instant approach to composition: to listen to everything that lies in the infinite space between sound and ideas. (Translation: C. Flint De Médicis)