Performer (ensemble)

Totem Contemporary Productions is at the forefront of research, experimentation and innovation, particularly in the field of new acoustic musical instruments. The element at the heart of their vision is sound in all its richness, originality and physicality. This vision opens up the possibilities of musical discourse beyond simple melodic and harmonic sound worlds. The unique instrumentarium that PTC has been developing since its creation is the means that the organization finds most stimulating to enable this exploration. Their instrumentarium opens up a whole new world of discoveries, both in terms of the instrument itself and in terms of musical writing and interpretation. Over the past 14 years, PTC has developed six series of activities that allow the Totem sound to be heard in different contexts: Totem Dance, Totem Electric, Totem Installations, Totem Youth, Totem Special and Totem Digital. Stay tuned, because a new series is on its wayTotem Techno!