Xavier Tremblay specializes in sound programming for interactive installations, as well as in the design of new digital instruments. His academic career has allowed him to explore spatialization and sound immersion through a 32-speaker device for which he has composed several works (Order of Magnitude 2018, Sans cible 2020). The performances and interactive installations created by the Blackbox collective, of which he is a founding member and artist, have been presented in several international festivals, including in Morelia at the Visiones Sonoras festival ( 2019) and in Lyons at the prestigious Festival of Lights (Chimes 2017). With a passion for sound synthesis and programming, he also doesn’t hesitate to draw inspiration from the unusual noises he comes across every day and to incorporate them into his compositions. Don’t be surprised if he arrives late to an appointment, as he may have stopped to enjoy the sound of a wood chipper.