Temse (Belgium), 1954

Belgian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and organ works that have been performed in Africa, the Americas and Europe; he is also active as an organist.

Among his many honors as a composer are the Horlait-Dapsens-Prijs at the Brussels Conservatory (1980), the Wendungen Prijs from the Festival van Vlaanderen (1993, for Epitaffio) and the Camiel Huysmans Prijs in Antwerp (1994, for Epitaffio). He has also received the Prijs voor Vocaale Compositie in Ghent (1995, for Een tent van tamarinde), the Prix de la musique contemporaine Flandre in Québec (1995, for Silent Scream) and the SABAM Prijs voor Nieuwe Muziek Compositie (1995, for his entire œuvre). In addition, he has received the SABAM BAP-Prijs (1996, for Modale Suite), the DMP Prijs (1996, for Uit de kleine wildernis) and First Prize in the Internationale Gezelle Wedstrijd (1999, for Gezelle Triptiek). He has also been named Composer of the Year 2000 at the Ramsgate Spring Festival (for Marcatissimo) and has received the Prix Frères Darche at the Brussels Conservatory (2000, for his entire œuvre). As an organist, he has received an honorable mention in the Concours International pour Orgue de Bruges (1985) and the Publiek-Prijs in the Bach Nieuwe Muziek Confrontaties in Kortrijk (2000, for Thamasoo ma jyothir gamaya). He has also served as composer-in-residence to the Flanders recorder quartet Vier op ‘n rij.

As an organist, he has toured in Asia, Europe and the USA. He has served as organist in the trumpet-organ duo All’armi (with Alain Roelant and occasionally as a trio with soprano Marie-Noëlle de Callataÿ), which has toured Asia and Europe.

He has taught as Professor voor Compositie at the Brussels Conservatory and has served as chair of the music department at the Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans in Bornem. He has also lectured in the Czech Republic, Japan and elsewhere. In addition to the works listed below, Prof. Van Landeghem has made more than 50 arrangements, including A Turkish Bumblebee, which has been recorded.