Bruges (Belgium), 1975

Born in Bruges in 1975, Annelies Van Parys began the study of music at the conservatory in her native city at the age of ten. In 1993 she was awarded medals of excellence for her achievements in piano and chamber music performance, and subsequently entered the Koninklijk Conservatorium Ghent (Ghent Royal Conservatory) where she worked with pianist Johan Duijck. She studied composition with Jan Rispens, Octaaf Van Geert and Godfried-Willem Raes, and after 1998 with Luc Brewaeys. In 2001, Van Parys was part of a group of ten young composers selected to take part in the Séminaire international de composition organized by the Ictus ensemble in Brussels. This experience allowed her to work with Thierry Demey and Jonathan Harvey. In April 2001, her work was performed at the Tilburg Link Festival (in the Netherlands) alongside that of Luc Brewaeys. Annelies Van Parys currently teaches at the Stedelijk Conservatorium Brugge and at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent.