Visual artist (costume)

Sarah Veillon lives and works in her Marseille studio. After completing studies in haute couture in Paris (world capital of haute couture), then in the historical costume department of the école Nationale des Arts Techniques du Théâtre (the Rue Blanche school), she worked for several years as a costumier in Paris. She then settled in Marseille, where she met Geneviève Sevin-Doering during a conference on the history of costumes. A great costumier and a great artist, Geneviève Sorin spoke about her path through the Paris of the fifties, but particularly about the cutting technique she invented and to which she devoted forty years of her life: “the single-piece cut.”

It was a decisive meeting for Sarah. She would then go on to learn the “single-piece cut” technique, marking the beginning of her collaboration with Sevin-Doering. For more than ten years, Sarah devoted herself to mastering the cutting technique though costume design for the performing arts, city clothes designs (for men and women), as well as collaborations with visual artists. Today, strengthened by these learning experiences, she continues to explore the relationship between textiles and the living body in motion by means of her designs and explorations.

Translation: Ariadne Lih [ii-11]