Composer • Sound artist

V. V. (Ven Voisey) is a sound artist and sclulptor from Oakland, California. He is a producer and a consumer. He drives a Honda. He wears Carhartt pants and a Dickies jacket. He buys his liquor and food at Trader Joe’s (occasionally Pak ’n Save). He regularly purchases recordings of sad songs. He listens to the thick hum of his silly little life. He discovers some sense of balance. He has found that the production of sound is the natural reaction to listening, as a part of a communication cycle. He believes that the term “communication” does not necessarily imply meaning or context, rather, it is a simple process of give and take. This is where he currently finds himself: within the process. He creates, records, manipulates, recomposes, and projects sounds (with the aid of various machinery) as an active participant of the process.