Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), 1992

Christina Volpini is a Hamilton-/Toronto-based composer whose music has been described as “richly textural, physical, and affecting” (Martin Arnold), “very nuanced, rustling and whispering” (Neomemoire), and “focused intently on the subtle sounds that fall between the cracks.” (Ludwig Van Toronto). Her music manifests affective timbral and temporal spaces that gradually unfold, opening into the experience of a fragile, breathing present. Imbued with an aqueous, ephemeral character, her work explores subtle variation in intonation, found objects, instrumental textures, and liminal spaces. She develops pieces through a process of creative discovery with other artists, crafting works for specific spaces and performers.

Christina has been commissioned by Esprit Orchestra, Array Ensemble, Continuum Contemporary Music, Jumblies Theatre, Ensemble Bakalari, percussionist Ryan Scott, Duo AIRS, and Caution Tape Music Collective with performances throughout Canada and the USA. Her work has been featured by organizations including the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Soundstreams and The Music Gallery, and supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

An avid capacity builder in arts spaces, Christina was a core organizer of both the Montréal Contemporary Music Lab and the Toronto Creative Music Lab, each of which served as important community-led workshops for early-career artists with an emphasis on peer mentorship and collaboration. Since 2020, she has been a board member of The Music Gallery and she currently acts as Operations Manager of Continuum Contemporary Music. She is originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario.