Works by Boudreau, Rea and Stravinsky.

Le Matin des magiciens by Walter Boudreau was inspired by a reading of the eponymous book by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwel, and also owes much to the music and person of Gilles Tremblay. This work calls for a Javanese gamelan, along with an unusual mix of other instruments. L’homme papillon derives from the writings of Tchouang Tcheou, disciple and worshipper of Tao, in the 4th century B.C. Also on the programme, a longer and unpublished version of Stravinsky’s Les Noces, which will be the realization of the composer’s ambitions which could not be fulfilled at the time he conceived the 1919 version. For this Canadian premiere, Les Noces (1919) will be given with new orchestration by René Bosc (musical director of the Présence festival). As a counterpoint to this — an interview between Boulez and Stravinsky on the subject of this work. Finally, the Canadian premiere showing of Jean Mitry’s Symphonie mécanique, on a work by Pierre Boulez: a 1955 film that made people see and hear in a very new way!

Showing of two short films

  • Pierre Boulez, la Symphonie mécanique de Jean Mitry (1955)
  • Boulez-Stravinski, extrait du film Les Noces (1965)

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