Suzanne Binet-Audet and Gilles Gobeil perform works by Gobeil.

The musical works to date of Gilles Gobeil are characterized by an aesthetic of rupture in which grand musical gestures become more and more elaborate only to crash into silence. This speaks to a certain musical mode, to a way of being, of breathing; it is a natural trait, a style, recognizable by all, and therefore much more than simply a “manner.” Trilogie d’ondes reveals the composer’s musical imagination to be deeply rooted in this way of being.

The electronic-sounding timbre and the acoustic resonance of the ondes Martenot fuse perfectly with the sonorous material of electroacoustic composition, giving rise to a “mixed” work, both rich and complex. The concert will feature works of Gilles Gobeil including the first part of the triptych for electroacoustic recording and ondes Martenot. The ondes Martenot, a greatly expressive instrument, was invented in France in 1928 and has been too rarely heard since then. While it has given rise to a number of European works over the twentieth century, here in Quebec, a particularly rich and original musical repertory has developed for the instrument.



Coproduction Réseaux / MNM