Works by Bernier, Bouchard, Calon, Daoust, Dauphinais, Dufort, Gauthier, Hamel, Jean, Lalonde, Leclerc, Measroch, Rocheleau and Smith.

Electroacoustic music, acoustic pieces and improvisations come together with visual art at one of Montreal’s “trendier” spaces as part of an “eclectic” and “electric” evening — a three-part event featuring four leading groups from the Montreal avant-garde music scene.

A quartet of electroacoustic composers, Theresa Transistor will get the evening started with their “winter set”: digitized and invented instruments, gizmos, microphones, radios, digital and analogue synthesizers for 45 minutes of music that blends electroacoustic techniques and “instant” composition.

Next in the lineup is Treelogy, a videomusic by the young collective Milliseconde topographie who will perform a selection of electroacoustic works chosen by both Réseaux and the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. This will be an occasion to discover two new works by Éric Rocheleau and Louis Dufort, as well as pieces by Yves Daoust, Christian Bouchard, and Martin Leclerc.

To complete the evening, Espaces sonores illimités (ESI) will deliver a work in which six improvisers take their cues from lighting. Here lighting codes replace the score, guiding the performance through variations in colour and intensity (staging and lighting by Éric Belley). These codes also create formal ballasts within which the improv musicians may give free reign to their creativity.




Coproduction MNM / Réseaux / CMM / ESI, in collaboration with SAT