Works by Brady, Dauphinais, Hamel, Lalonde and Smith.

Let yourself be surprised and transported by Tim Brady’s Sound Off, performed by 108 young musicians who will create an extraordinary sonic landscape with 100 brass instruments and 8 bass drums, all in a public space as open as it is resonant!

This work truly represents the voice of a composer who wants to make direct contact with his community. More than 20 years after the composition of the work, there is no doubt that Tim Brady ( has achieved his goal. In fact, since its premiere Sound Off has been performed a number of times both here and abroad, and has given hundreds of young musicians a chance to be heard in public.

Following the work of Tim Brady, the three members of Espaces Sonores Illimités and their partner in crime, Michel Smith, will commandeer the 108 musicians of Sound Off for their own use in a type of exit ballet that is currently under wraps.



Production MNM, codiffusion MNM / Montréal en lumière