Denys Bouliane and McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble perform Metropolis by Martín Matalon.

The Youth and Energy of the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME)

Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 cult film projected on the big screen in its complete, 140-minute version translates into an exceptional evening with a North American premiere presented by Denys Bouliane and the Contemporary Music Ensemble of McGill (CME) — a “musical setting” by the Argentinian composer Martin Matalon. One of the most brilliant scores composed for silent film, this work was conceived for large instrumental ensemble and real time electronic synthesis.

In his own way, Matalon reinterprets the theme of technological invasion exploited by Lang in his film. A true critic of the cult of technical “progress” and industrial exploitation, this film is dominated by compelling images of decadent technology with, among others, the now legendary figure of the “man-woman-android.”

Back to the future… recomposed!



Coproduction MNM / CME, in collaboration with the McGill Digital Composition Studio (Sean Ferguson, Director)