Works by Boudreau, Boulez, Bouliane, DJ Orchestra, Haimovitz, Hendrix, Laporte, Matalon, Provost, Settel, ter Veldhuis and Zappa.

Movement takes over! Velocity, whirling, and explosive fragments take the stage! A person touches, keys in, borrows, manipulates, ingests, and regurgitates! It’s time for new “packaging!” Is this the result of a new, touch-all and unbridled civilization? MNM provides a foretaste of these new avenues by opening three of Pandora’s boxes: three concerts in one! Three for the price of one! Tonight we’re popping the cork!

The Quasar saxophone quartet will begin with music where the electronic meets the conventional with premieres of works by Jean-François Laporte and Zack Settel. To these two pieces by a couple of particularly original composers will be added arrangements of works by Frank Zappa by Walter Boudreau. This Montreal quartet promises not only to surprise, but also to transport its listeners!

Musicians from the Uccello ensemble, also called “cello warriors,” will contribute to the event with a particularly diversified selection of works ranging from Pierre Boulez to Jimi Hendrix, by way of Serge Provost, Martin Matalon, and Frank Zappa. And our future ex-co-director, Denys B., will have a final premiere of the “NMNM” variety. This will be an occasion to hear the violin “in all its forms”: as a solo instrument with electronic process, or accompanied by an ensemble, or as part of an octet or quartet.

Presented now in its 4th edition in collaboration with SAT and under the direction of Mossa (a.k.a. Jeremy Petrus), the DJ Orchestra will round out the evening on an electronic-techno-house music note. On stage: 8 DJs with turn tables, mixers and a few LPs judiciously chosen — the whole “conducted” by an orchestral conductor who is bound to mix things up and set the tone for the event. As part of the Montreal New Music Festival, Complot will do things up grandly. With a conductor like Walter Boudreau and soloist like Martin Tétreault, this concert will be as memorable as it will be dazzling.



Coproduction MNM / Complot / Quasar, in collaboration with SAT