Works by Biederman, Bosc, Boudreau, Cage, Ligeti, Thibault and Xenakis.

A “high voltage” concert pays tribute to the 70s! Featuring monuments of contemporary music and progressive rock, the SMCQ presents an explosive event that brings 22 artists together on a single stage, blending video, theatre, and instrumental and electronic music. Dizzying exploits by the Sixtrum percussionists, drama courtesy of soprano Barbara Hannigan, dynamic images by videographers Jérôme Bosc and Matthew Biederman, and the intense energy of directors Walter Boudreau and René Bosc will combine to create more than a few surprises! With its many and varied activities that have been developed over the past 43 years and in partnership with cultural agencies from both here and abroad, the SMCQ has become a veritable institution for new music in North America.



Production SMCQ