Michel Chion performs works by Chion and Renard.

Montreal welcomes a giant of electroacoustic music! The Réseaux group sets the stage for French composer, writer, and producer Michel Chion for two world premieres, as part of the MNM festival. By presenting Le souffle court (the newly completed second chapter of La vie en prose), une symphonie concrète, and a new version of the Credo from his Missa Obscura (1992), this avid defender of “musique concrète” will certainly give audiences an earful! Arguably the nation’s most important electroacoustic music society, Réseaux has worked since 1991 to reflect the dynamic nature of contemporary adventures in the universe of sound.



Coproduction Réseaux / MNM

Canada’s leading electroacoustic concert organization, Réseaux has been portraying the dynamism of adventure in the sound world since 1991. It has presented over 300 artists from all over the world. Réseaux’s main mission is to publicly present the works realized by the artists and production groups active in the field of Electro music using an array of loudspeakers. The works in question can be acousmatic (tape music), mixed (tape and instruments), live (live electronics) or include an other art form, such as video, dance or installation art. Since 2005, Réseaux is producing a new series of concerts, Akousma, devoted to all kinds of Electro music, in an attempt to echo the current concerns of composers who thrive to diversify their interventions in a frantic music world where practices are increasingly fragmented.