Jean-Marc Bouchard and Jean-François Laporte perform works by Burton, Laporte, Morin and Nordin.

A beer can that swirls around in the air, a metallic bowl covered with latex, a hybrid “pipe/balloon”, a siren organ and all with real time electronic synthesis… Jean-François Laporte’s invented instruments still have surprises in store for us! This Montreal composer hands over his extraordinary instruments to four composers who unveil new aspects of them. With four world premieres, this concert is one of the festival’s absolute must-hears! Les Productions Totem contemporain promotes and disseminates invented instruments and sound installations by Jean-François Laporte.



Coproduction Totem contemporain / MNM

Since 2003, Productions Totem contemporain (PTC) has dedicated its energies to the development, dissemination and promotion of original instruments and sound installations by Jean-François Laporte. Accomplishments to date include four installations and eight different sound generators that produce strictly acoustic sounds engendered by mechanical systems that are often computer controlled.

From the very beginning, the organization drew interest from a number of artists and institutions involved with various artistic disciplines on the international scene, such as the Orchestre National de France, composers Jonathan Harvey, Jesper Nordin, and Benjamin Thigpen, musicians Jean-Paul Bernard, Jean-Marc Bouchard and Martin Ouellet, the contemporary art museum in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), the Symposium International d’Art Contemporain in Baie Saint-Paul, and dance companies Choré-Graphie, Susan Buirge, and Barbara Sarreau, among others.

In addition to promoting the development and production of various projects, PTC produces several concerts each year in Montreal and undertakes major international tours. These tours have allowed the organization to be part of important international contemporary music festivals, including the Gaïda Festival (Lithuania), the Nordic Music Days (Iceland), the Seoul Performance Art Festival (Korea), Festival Agora (Paris), and Archipel (Switzerland).