An Index of Metals by Fausto Romitelli.

7:30pm, prélude to the work — 8pm, concert

Initiating ritual, lumino-sonic trance: with An Index of Metals, Codes d’accès immerses its audience in the “testimonial work” of a great composer who died prematurely in 2004, Fausto Romitelli. A work the composer compared to 1960s light shows and contemporary rave parties, this “video-opera” provides listeners with a total perceptual experience, where music and voice are conceived of jointly, and submitted to the same digital transformations. Twelve upcoming musicians join [iks] to give this monumental multi-media work its North American premiere. Founded by and for young composers and performers, since 1985 Codes d’Accès has championed both the surprising and unexpected.



Coproduction Codes d’accès / [iks] / MNM