Bradyworks performs Confitures de gagaku by Jean Derome.

Inspired by traditional Japanese gagaku, Confitures de Gagaku takes listeners through the Taoist year, from the noise and exuberance of birth to the cold of death. Presenting this major work by improv artist Jean Derome more than 20 years after its premiere, celebrated jazz singer Karen Young will be joined by the Bradyworks ensemble’s 11 riotous musicians. But what does “jam” (confiture) have to do with this spiritual journey? An absolute must hear concert, come and discover what Derome and his friends have cooked up for us… Founded in 1989 by guitarist Tim Brady to promote his vision of contemporary chamber music, the Bradyworks ensemble brings together some of Canada’s finest performers with a reputation for eclecticism.



Coproduction Bradyworks / MNM