In C by Terry Riley.

General Public Event: Mega Collective Karaoke Jam

Former accomplices from the Infonie group get together 40 years later for a giant happening! Following the lead of Walter Boudreau and Raôul Duguay, surrounded by 7 of the SMCQ’s soloists, and along with 333 participating musician-singers, “enter” into the legendary work of American composer Terry Riley — In C. At precisely 3:33 pm, Boudreau’s fetish, Duguay will direct warm-ups and vocalizes for the general public before moving on to a rehearsal of the work’s motives. In what may be defined as a “mega collective Karaoke jam” surrounded by surprising harmonies, the performance that follows will sweep you up in an unforgettable musical experience. An event for that will please the whole family!



Production MNM, in collaboration with FAMEQ