Works by Adams, Boudreau, Campo, Glass, Lipsky, Pärt, Sokolović, Vivier and Zappa.

The Montreal Series season will end this year on a very eclectic note: a concert bringing Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà together with Walter Boudreau and the SMCQ Ensemble around great works of late 20th and early 21st-century contemporary music.

The SMCQ is particularly proud of this first collaboration with Angèle Dubeau, a virtuoso violinist among the most sought-after in Canada. On the program are seven pieces, representative of stylistic mélange, painting a rich and diverse portrait of an age without restrictions.

The SMCQ, directed by Walter Boudreau, will open the ceremonies, its music spanning from the timelessness of Vivier to the theatrics of Campo. Secondly, Angèle Dubeau’s La Pietà offers short and good-tempered pieces, ranging from the minimalists Adams, Glass and Pärt to cutting-edge Zappa, not to forget Sokolović’s very dancing piece Girandole des danses imaginaires, a composition commissioned by Angèle Dubeau.

These many pieces will be served up like musical tapas to be savoured in all excess, to which the pianist Louise Bessette will bring her personal touch as well.



Production SMCQ

Indéniablement active au Québec et à l’international, la SMCQ est devenue une véritable institution de la musique nouvelle en Amérique du Nord. Elle s’associe ici à La Pietà d’Angèle Dubeau, célébrée pour sa précision et sa complicité tant en Amérique qu’en Asie.