Alfredo Mendoza and Jana Miller perform works by Burke, Darch, Jabès, Leroux, Scelsi and Sokolović.

A concert full of voice and saxophone! Two highly talented young soloists get together to present a programme concocted with the help of composers Ana Sokolović and Philippe Leroux. The composer to be honoured this year has taken advantage of the occasion to arrange her work Mesh (for clarinet) for saxophone. Along with her celebrated Love Songs — where listeners get to hear “I love you” in 100 languages — Sokolović occupies a central place in this intimate concert.



Production Jana Miller — Alfredo Mendoza

Originally from Mexico, Alfredo Mendoza recently completed his doctorate at the Université de Montréal. Jana Miller holds a newly-minted master’s degree from McGill. Each performs regularly on the cultural scene in a wide variety of ensembles.