L’Océantume by Luc Marcel.

Inspired by an excerpt from Réjean Ducharme’s novel, L’Océantume is a titanic work in the form of a lyric monodrama. Quebec composer Luc Marcel truly sets his music to the writer’s words with a sense of the immoderate that challenges the notions of playability, with an excess of virtuosity and a level of control that marks this event as unique. The musical translation of this literary work provides every word, sentence or expression with a rhythmic and melodic interpretation. An equally inescapable experience for both music and art afficionados!



Coproduction SMCQ / Quasar

Pre-concert event: From literature to music

Gather at 2 pm in the concert hall for a round table discussion of L’Océantume, animated by Stéphane Lépine with the composer, the interpreters and other guests. Free admission.