In the Lounge daily!

Happenings, concerts, live creations, sound games, listening stations, videos… Participate in our free musical activities for young and old alike throughout the festival!

Become a composer!

Come and create your own musical composition with our Musicolateur. An original instrument designed to make composition a breeze, the Musicolateur enables you to intuitively play with sound and take your first steps in composition—with no prior musical knowledge required!

Quartet for Networks

Use your intelligent phone or tablet near our Wi-Fi hotspot and generate a sound representation of your real time data. This unique interactive digital art experience lets you discover the vocal and rhythmic echo created by your web browsing.

Live visual creations

Four artists (Élisabeth Dupond, Julianna Joos, Nycole Julien-Gémus, Marie-Claude Mainguy) bring their studios into the New Music Lounge and create visual works connected to the festival theme. In doing so, they open a door to the creative process while inviting the audience to follow the evolution of their endeavors. Stop by the Lounge and see them in action!

Under the command of OM

Come play with Jean-François Laporte’s new sound installation! Having captivated the European public, the interactive version of Om finally arrives in Montreal: via an iPad, you are invited to modulate the fascinating percussive tones of this strange air-driven robot. An experience that’s both fun and artistic.

Coproduction EAVM et Perte de signal en collaboration avec MNM