Works by Gougeon.

Pre-concert talk at 7:00 pm

Denis Marleau, a key figure in Quebec theatre, pays tribute to Denis Gougeon’s stage music. As an exception, played “live” onstage, the selected works will illustrate how the of the composer’s musical proposal meets the director‘s sound image. From solo to quartet via duet and trio, the musicians will present the entire spectrum of the sensations sought by the composer to accentuate his scenic writing. Alongside, the actors will present excerpts highlighting the composer’s sound expression tools, thus adding a dimension to the performance that is simultaneously dramatic and poetic. “Marleau celebrates Gougeon” will also celebrate the creator’s artistic collaboration, while allowing for a rediscovery of the importance of the verb “to play” in Denis Gougeon’s compositions. Prior to the concert a talk, animated by Walter Boudreau will allow Denis Gougeon and Denis Marleau to evoke the fascinating dynamics between theatre and music, before the event brings them into perspective.



Coproduction SMCQ / Ubu compagnie de création