Free Opening Concert: the SMCQ to the rhythm of New York

“La création musicale au Québec” book launch, 6:30 pm

Pre-concert audience participation activity with René Bosc, 7:15 pm

New York, soloist

Dive into the wild atmosphere of New York for a lush start of the season with the Ensemble de la SMCQ. A concert equally electric as eclectic where Québécois composers will give us a taste of the season focusing on “New Technologies and Surroundings”.

Steve Reich’s work, City Life, one of his best known works is the show’s main attraction. The giant of minimalism exceeds his reputation as a composer of repetitive music to envelope us in the New York atmosphere. Via pre-recorded sounds, samples, and lush orchestration, the work throbs to the pulse of the city. A piece resounding as a sound documentary, translating into a musical landscape of the impressions felt by the composer.

Audience participation activity: The sounds of the city at your fingertips

Prior to the concert, the SMCQ invites the audience to a participatory activity exploring a City Life motif. The animator will bring the performance experience to life by involving the audience, who will replicate the sounds of the city.



A Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) production.

Concert # 325.