Works by Bosc, Boudreau, Brégent, Breuleux, Cage and Lebrat.

Round table with Richard Lavallée and René Bosc hosted by Yanick Villedieu, 6:15 pm

For the MNM Festival opening the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec revives the myth of Atlantis with a titanic concert. No less than 12 singers and 16 musicians will dive in with you to interpret this renowned, seemingly unplayable work. Echoing our environmental concerns while immersing us in new technologies, Atlantide engages us in a veritable whirlwind of emotions and melodies evoking the end of time, by while retaining a note of hope!



Production SMCQ in collaboration with MNM, copresentation Montréal en lumière

Interview with Walter Boudreau, SMCQ Artistic director

Speak to us about Atlantide

This exceptional work integrates just about every instrument in existence! An abundance that echoes the wealth of the lost kingdom. Add to this yesterday’s and today’s technologies and you have a melding of the most diverse musical esthetics, what I refer to as «total music».

What are the issues in this performance?

Michel-Georges Brégent created this work in 1985 for a radio recording. Practically unplayable in concert in its original version, our re-orchestration restores this mythical work, just like the technological breakthroughs which make the exploration of new sound territories possible.

A good reason for diving in?

The legend of Atlantis always captured popular imagination and inspired many. This is certainly the only time where the musical immersion will take us so very far, and this holds true no matter what cataclysms the future may bring.