Works by Gatinet, Lanza, Lévy, Mochizuki and Penha.

Discover five composers who integrate “techno” tools into a deluge of tones! At the heart of the performance, Mauro Lanza’s work will wow the audience with an impressive machine that creates computer-generated raindrops, as the music soars skyward. Surrounding this piece are works tinged by nature and technology, from a succession of well-established as well as young composers.


  • Rebecca Woodmass, soprano
  • Sarah Campbell, Rachel Cohen, Shane Culnan, flute; Angela Schleihauf, oboe; Seok Hee Jang, Chester Howard, David Scott, Timothy Yung, clarinet; Suzu Enns, contrabass clarinet; Daniel Clark, contrabassoon; Catherine Guindon, Hunter Lyon, Justin Purcell, Alan Ridout, Carolyn Barr, saxophone; Rachel Nierenberg, horn; Jhonathan Churampi, trumpet; Aaron Chan, trombone; Christian Julien, bass trombone; Anne Chabot, Ryan Kelly, Olivier Tremblay-Noël, Karen Yu, percussion; Bryn Wiley, Felix Hong, piano; Jonathan Stuchbery, electric guitar; Rebecca Woodmass, coloratura soprano; Kaine Newton, James Park, violin; Victor de Coninck, viola; Jane Chan, cello, cello; Genevieve Mays, double bass
  • Guillaume Bourgogne, conductor


Coproduction École de musique Schulich / CIRMMT / MNM, codiffusion Montréal en lumière