Sixtrum performs Sur les traces des éléphants blancs by João Catalão, Julien Compagne, Étienne Deslières, Jean-Michel Dumas, Julien Grégoire, Philip Hornsey, Kristie Ibrahim, Fabrice Marandola, Sylvain Pohu, Dominic Thibault.

Four Montreal creators unite to add a modern touch to the 60s and 70s, while confronting the period’s iconic objects (televisions, turntables, etc.) with today’s digital audio and video techniques. Sixtrum integrates these objects into their percussion ensemble, resulting in a retro-futuristic sound. The music, influenced by American composers (John Cage…) connects to video projections and archival footage, presenting a highly current vision of this period.



Coproduction MNM / Sixtrum