Unforgettable concert experience

The Symphonie du millénaire, the musical mega-project which brought 70,000 people together in the year 2000 is back! This incommensurable participative concert invites the public to re-live an unforgettable sound experience. A musical wink to the imagination associated with a new millennium, doubled by a challenge to the artistic imagination and elevated by a profusion of Montréal musicians and composers.

Remember where you were on Saturday, June 3rd, 2000

You were at Montréal’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory among 2000 outdoor bell-ringers, each equipped with a handbell. With 15 musical musical groups — including — the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal, the church organs of the Oratory and electronic instruments. On this day you participated in the performance of the Symphonie du Millénaire. Coomposed for this occasion in 2000, this work, written by 19 Quebec composers also integrated the bells of some 15 Montréal bell towers.

And if we began again? If you kept your handbell from 2000, bring it to Saint Joseph’s Oratory on Sunday, February 26th, and participate in the new version of the Symphonie du Millénaire (Prise II) in the basilica. In order to coordinate musical interventions with the orchestra, the presence of the bell-ringers will be required at the basilica during the dress rehearsal, which will take place on Saturday, February 25 at 1 pm. Those who can not attend to it are asked to present themselves at the Oratoire St-Joseph at 2 pm. The other bell-ringers are invited at 14:30.



Coproduction SMCQ / Oratoire Saint-Joseph / MNM