Rust performs works by Laporte and Thigpen.

Rusting is a natural process of oxidation whose aesthetic dimensions tend to be overlooked. Examined closely, a piece of rusted iron reveals a fantastic richness of colors, textures and forms. The duo Rust takes its name from an appreciation of this specific kind of spontaneously arising natural beauty…

Rust performs on newly-invented, constantly-evolving acoustic and electronic instruments. The music of Rust is deeply rooted in the specificity of these instruments as they exist at a particular moment in time.

It explores unpredictable, unstable processes that exhibit a life and will of their own. Based on physical materiality and acoustic realities, on the sheer power of sound itself, it interacts strongly with the acoustics of the concert space, filling the hall with complex webs of physically palpable strands and blocks of sound. Organic and authentic, intense and primal — it is an immersion in the pure experience of sound.



Coproduction MNM / Totem contemporain / Université Concordia