• Sunday, February 26, 2017
    • In person

Brigitte Poulin and Sixtrum perform Le scorpion by Martín Matalon.

Le scorpion is the score written by Martin Matalon for Luis Buñuel’s film The Golden Age. The work includes a wide variety of six percussions (wooden instruments, metal, skins, earth, sand and traditional digital instruments such as tablas, zarbaj and Udu), two pianos and an electronic device. The activity of the last 2 instruments be it spatialization, the transformation of tonalities, the creation of resonances and general effects, are reproduced in real time. The score generally follows the cutting of the film, allowing the music to adopt its highly dynamic general articulation between large, medium and small forms. The passage between each of the thirteen sections follows the filmmaker’s process, which consists of “stapling” two consecutive scenes that are at times innocuous. (Text by Pascal Ianco)



Coproduction MNM / Sixtrum