Works by Campion, Côté, Tan and Xenakis.

Codes d’accès and the MNM Festival are proud to present a concert highlighting the unique character of the city of Montréal. With their project Archipel, a multiplatform work midway between electroacoustic music and audio documentary, composers Guillaume Côté and Guillaume Campion explore the issue of access to the St. Lawrence River and its banks in the archipelago of Montréal. As we begin celebrating Montréal’s 375th Anniversary, while numerous projects to improve this access are being announced, Campion and Côté approach this issue via several Web platforms and interactive devices. In addition to the program, Ensemble Wapiti will present the work Dikhtas by Iannis Xenakis, creator of the work Polytope de Montréal presented at the Expo 67, and a world premiere by the young composer Zihua Tan whose work features the unique ambient sounds of Montréal.



Coproduction MNM / Codes d’accès